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Top 10 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Android Tablet

  • By kuwaitigenius
  • June 19, 2024

Do you have an old Android tablet collecting dust in a drawer? You’re not alone. According to Statista, there are over 1 billion Android devices worldwide, and many of them are no longer in use. Instead of letting these gadgets go to waste, why not give them a new purpose? Repurposing your old Android tablet is good for the environment and can save you money and bring new functionality to your life. Here are the top 10 ways to recycle your old Android tablet.


1. Use it as a Smart Home Hub

One of the best ways to repurpose your old Android tablet is to turn it into a smart home hub. With apps like Google Home, Alexa, and SmartThings, you can control all your smart home devices from one central location. Whether it’s adjusting your thermostat, controlling lights, or monitoring security cameras, an old tablet can become the heart of your smart home setup.

Statistics: According to a survey by Voicebot.ai, over 87 million U.S. adults use smart home devices. Repurposing your old tablet for this purpose can make managing these devices easier and more centralized.

2. Digital Photo Frame

Transform your old tablet into a digital photo frame to display your favorite memories. Apps like Google Photos and digital photo frame-specific apps can turn your tablet into a constantly updating slideshow of your favorite pictures. This can be a wonderful addition to your home or office, providing a personal touch to your space.

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Statistics: A study by Grand View Research states that the digital photo frame market is expected to reach $3.71 billion by 2025. This shows a growing trend in digital displays for personal photos.

3. E-Book Reader

Why spend money on a dedicated e-reader when you can use your old Android tablet? Apps like Kindle, Google Play Books, and OverDrive offer vast libraries of books and audiobooks. Your tablet’s larger screen makes reading more enjoyable than on a smaller smartphone.

Statistics: According to Pew Research Center, 30% of Americans read e-books. By turning your old tablet into an e-reader, you can join this growing number of digital readers.

4. Dedicated Music Player

Turn your old tablet into a dedicated music player for your home or car. With apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, you can create playlists, listen to podcasts, and stream your favorite tunes. Connect it to a speaker system, and you have a convenient and powerful music setup.

Statistics: Music streaming services accounted for 83% of the U.S. music industry’s revenue in 2020, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Repurposing your tablet for music can tap into this popular trend.

5. Kitchen Companion

Use your old tablet as a kitchen companion. From displaying recipes and instructional cooking videos to acting as a timer or measurement converter, a tablet can be incredibly useful in the kitchen. Apps like Yummly, Epicurious, and Allrecipes can provide thousands of recipes and cooking tips.

Statistics: A survey by Yummly found that 60% of people use digital devices for recipes. Having a dedicated device in the kitchen can streamline your cooking process.

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6. Kids’ Entertainment Device

Give your old tablet to your kids for their entertainment and education. There are countless educational apps, games, and videos designed for children of all ages. Set up parental controls, and you can ensure they’re using the tablet safely.

Statistics: Common Sense Media reports that children under eight spend over two hours a day on screens. Repurposing an old tablet can provide them with a safe, controlled way to enjoy their screen time.

7. Second Monitor

A second monitor can boost productivity, and your old Android tablet can serve this purpose. Apps like Duet Display and iDisplay allow you to use your tablet as an extra screen for your computer. This can be particularly useful for multitasking or extending your desktop.

Statistics: Jon Peddie Research found that using multiple monitors can increase productivity by up to 42%. Repurposing your old tablet for this use can significantly enhance your work efficiency.

8. Security Camera

Turn your old Android tablet into a security camera. Apps like Alfred, Manything, and Presence can convert your tablet into a surveillance camera to monitor your home, office, or any other area. This can add an extra layer of security without the cost of purchasing new equipment.

Statistics: The global home security camera market is projected to reach $9.7 billion by 2023, according to MarketsandMarkets. Utilizing an old tablet for this purpose can provide cost-effective security solutions.

9. Travel Companion

Use your old tablet as a dedicated travel companion. Load it with maps, travel guides, translation apps, and entertainment for your trips. This can save your phone’s battery and ensure you have all your travel essentials in one place.

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Statistics: According to Statista, 1.45 billion people traveled internationally in 2019. A repurposed tablet can be an invaluable tool for frequent travelers.

10. DIY Projects and Experimentation

Finally, your old Android tablet can be used for various DIY projects and experimentation. Tech enthusiasts can use it for programming, creating a custom dashboard for smart homes, or even as part of a homemade arcade setup. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and technical skills.

Statistics: The DIY market is expected to reach $13.9 billion by 2027, as reported by Allied Market Research. Using your old tablet for DIY projects can be a fun and educational way to repurpose it.

Why Management and Recycling Your Tablet is Important?

Management and Recycling your old Android tablet, either by repurposing it or through professional recycling services, helps reduce electronic waste. According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020, the world generated 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste in 2019, and this number is growing each year. Proper recycling can recover valuable materials and prevent hazardous substances from harming the environment.


Promote Express Communication

If you’re looking for a reliable recycling company for your old devices, consider Express Communication. They offer comprehensive recycling services that ensure your old tablets and other electronics are disposed of responsibly and sustainably. By choosing Express Communication, you can contribute to reducing e-waste and promoting a greener planet.

Repurposing your old Android tablet not only gives it a new lease on life but also helps protect the environment. Whether you turn it into a smart home hub, a digital photo frame, or a dedicated music player, there are countless ways to make the most of your old device. And when it’s time to recycle, trust companies like Express Communication to handle it responsibly.


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