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Total Security

Customized Destruction Plans
Each client's needs are unique, which is why our Certified Asset Destruction services are tailored to offer bespoke solutions that guarantee total destruction of confidential materials, ensuring privacy and regulatory compliance.
Advanced Destruction Technology
Our state-of-the-art destruction facilities use the latest technology to handle Certified Asset Destruction efficiently. Our methods are designed to destroy all types of media, preventing any possibility of data recovery or leakage.
Environmentally Responsible
We commit not only to secure Certified Asset Destruction but also to environmental responsibility. Our processes are designed to minimize waste and recycle materials wherever possible, contributing to sustainability without compromising security.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Express Communication for Certified Asset Destruction means opting for reliability, security, and peace of mind. We provide a certificate of destruction for all handled assets, ensuring your information security policies and compliance requirements are met. Our services extend across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and technology, making us a versatile and trustworthy partner in asset protection.

Methods of Certified Asset Destruction

Data Wiping
This method involves overwriting the existing data on a device with random characters, making it nearly impossible to recover the original information. Advanced software is used to ensure thorough and secure data erasure.
Degaussing is commonly used for magnetic media, such as hard drives and tapes. It involves exposing the media to a strong magnetic field to erase the data. After degaussing, the media is rendered unreadable and suitable for disposal.
Physical Destruction
For certain assets, especially those with a high level of sensitivity, physical destruction is employed. This may include shredding hard drives, disassembling devices, or crushing them to ensure that the data is irretrievable.
Secure Disposal of Physical Assets
Beyond data-containing devices, organizations must also consider the secure disposal of other physical assets, such as identification badges, access cards, or obsolete equipment that may pose security risks if not properly handled.

How to Find the Perfect Certified Asset Destruction Near Me?

To locate the perfect Certified Asset Destruction service with Express Communication, contact us directly via phone or email. Our responsive customer service team will guide you through the options available in your area, ensuring you find a service that meets your specific needs. We offer flexible scheduling and comprehensive destruction solutions to handle your sensitive assets securely and efficiently. Reach out today to safeguard your information with industry-leading experts.
Electronic Recycling

Challenges & Best Practices

Cost Considerations
Certified asset destruction may incur costs, but the potential consequences of data breaches or regulatory fines outweigh these expenses. Organizations need to view certified asset destruction as an investment in their security and reputation.
Employee Training
Employees play a crucial role in the success of certified asset destruction. Proper training is necessary to ensure that all staff members understand the importance of secure disposal and follow established protocols.
Documentation and Auditing
Maintaining detailed records of the certified asset destruction process is vital for compliance and auditing purposes. This documentation should include certificates of destruction, records of transportation, and verification reports.

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